Thursday, November 20, 2014

(Once Upon a Time ) Is Kayleigh a Liar?

Is Kayleigh a liar? Yes.

I created this post a few weeks ago to win an argument/prove a point on the Google. I kind of like that I could Google "Is Kayleigh a liar?" and it says yes. So I'm not taking it down. Instead, I'll expand.

Pretty simple, really. I like being right, but can admit when I'm wrong...but usually not after I try to use the internet to help me be right (the internet is the only thing I feel I can trust these days). I went through this phase where I would change a Wikipedia article almost daily for winning argument's sake. The key was to pick more obscure articles and change them and usually your updates would stay long enough to send the recipient the link with the message "read this ASAP or my hard work will have gone to waste!" It all started when I worked for a construction company and was emailing with one of the Project Managers I worked with: (paraphrasing from memory)

me: [something something about packing slips and their role with our documentation along with POs and Invoices]

him: [answers question about packing slips]'s not rocket science.

me: Oh really? [inserts link to "Rocket Science" Wikipedia page where there is a sentence about Rocket Science also referring to the study of packing slips] Knowledge is power.

him: You're ridiculous.

Okay, so I could've just explained that in narrative form as I clearly am unable to recall enough to warrant it presented as a conversation. I'll remember that next time. Now you have to have to register for a log in or something to change Wikipedia. Sometimes technology really gets on my nerves.