Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Once Upon a Time, I Baptized My Desk...Again.

One time this happened:
The hot tea spill of Feb '12. I don't even like hot tea. Clearly it's mutual.

This was the first "major" incident. My work neighbor (she sits in the cube next to me and is the lucky recipient of an almost-daily pun inspired by findings on the free table. She will continue to receive these puns until she appreciates them and finds them...punny! Because we all know puns are funny, especially when you have to explain them) then reminded me that the last few times I spilled on myself I was wearing the same gr(e/a)y pants. I love those pants so I guess spillage is an assumed risk when I wear them, I just wish I remembered this so I could also remember to wear darker shirts with them instead of my favorite white sweater.

Ever since, spilling on myself has been more frequent and less-discriminatory based on what pants/sweater combo I'm wearing at the time (since NONE of my winter-appropriate skirts/dresses pass dress code ... but I'm over it, really...). I even filled up my University of South Carolina (GO COCKS!) travel mug, closed the lid, and walked it to my desk with two hands...but I guess I should've "locked" the air hole thing because somehow my coffee/hot chocolate mix jumped up through the blow air hole and onto my new vest. (Yes, I'm wearing vests now which is so CO of me).

Then there's today. Lady comes to water plant in work neighbor's desk, but said plant is unstable and is thus knocked over into my cubicle (I'm pretty sure work neighbor staged it that way, but I have no proof). Work neighbor and I laugh WITH lady because it isn't her fault (since it is work neighbor's fault) then I manage to do this:

Ignore the baby wearing a hat on my screen--work neighbor
is responsible for that. But I will take this opportunity to tell
you to put a hat on your damn baby when it's 30 degrees outside.

At least this time it was water (although I'm pretty sure electronics don't care what type of liquid it is...). Luckily I still had the hand towel I took from the kitchen thrown under my desk so it was able to come to the rescue. Work neighbor noted how I seemed to have this regular ritual of baptising my desk. Upon saying this, I realized this makes great sense. I screwed up the baptism before by using hot tea instead of water. Everyone knows it would be ridiculous to do a baptism by hot-tea submersion because hot tea is disgusting and you wouldn't want to risk accidentally ingesting some of it. Now that I think about it though, for the sprinkle-baptism hot tea might be a better choice because isn't it supposed to be good for your hair? (Or it contains mercury...I feel like most products fall into one of these two categories. I just wish I could remember which one. In the meantime, I'll keep washing my hair with old lead-based paint I found and mixed with dishwashing soap that I kept in an original nalgene bottle.) I guess if you were an infant you wouldn't have much hair (if any) so this point would be moot. Alrighty, decision made: I still think water is the way to go.

I know this is the type of adventurous activity that mom wanted to read about on this blog. I did go rock climbing for the first time, but this just seemed more interesting to write about. Also, I'm on some drugs for my stuffy nose/face/head from whatever I caught on the plane back from NY last weekend.

Also: I didn't spill on myself nearly as much when I lived in Hawai'i...just sayin'...

And because of that: Colorado Springs score: 1 (-1 from the last snow...which I should take away that point because we didn't get a snow day).

Updated Colorado Springs score: 3 (even though I didn't write about it, rock climbing in Buena Vista was pretty fun and I've enjoyed going to the climbing gym in the springs since so I'll give it a +2).

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