Monday, June 30, 2014

Once Upon a Time I Learned about Alcohol and Dogs

An old g-chat with a person.

Person: This puppy [...]
Me: I love him! Also, that reminds me of an old screen saver I used to have that I want to get back! Here's a youtube version:
P: that makes me want to clean my screen
Me: but the pug can do it for you!
P: no he's making it all gross and slobbery
Me: that's because he's not done yet...when you first spray windex it leaves a mess...but you keep at it and eventually it is gone and window is clean!
P: maybe if the dog salivated isopropyl
Me: maybe they already do; a dog's mouth is the cleanest; except it's called "dogsopropyl" and is very safe for animals; Also isopropyl is some fancy cleaning agent in windex, right?
P: no just a type of alcohol you use to clean stuff
Me: then we definitely shouldn't be giving that to dogs
P: right; it'd make them blind then dead
Me: although drunk Macy could be for drunk Lucy, I will not clean up her vomit.
Me: I guess dogs don't have a very high tolerance for alcohol.
Me: except for huntin' dogs that drink beer from mason jars...but they were probably started young. So the trick to stop your dog from going blind then dead is to start giving them alcohol at an early age.
I can only assume I never received a response from Person because I'm right.

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