Thursday, January 12, 2012

Once Upon a Time I Got Sent Home

OK you're in luck. Something already happened to me. I'm not ashamed to admit publicly that I have to go home and change because I violate dress code. I didn't know they sold "inappropriate" pencil skirts (which is what I'm wearing at least for the next 15 minutes until I find a nice pair of pleated, tapered slacks). I guess this makes up for my lack of rebellion in high school. Can dress code violations be the new after school detentions?

I love old ladies, but not the ones who complain to HR about my inch above the knee professional skirt.

At least I can still wear "gauchos" and "skorts" (because they make a lot of knee-length skorts) as those are explicitly listed in the "acceptable" column. Phew.

At least we still have casual Fridays....for now.

Colorado Springs score: -1

***DISCLAIMER: If you work for the same organization as I do (specifically in HR) please know that I do respect the dress code and understand. This is just for a chuckle for those on the outside who know me and would think I'd get sent home for things like eating all of the M&Ms and raisins out of a community bowl of trail mix leaving only peanuts and a few pretzels instead...not inappropriate dress.

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