Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Once Upon a Time I moved to Colorado

...from Hawai'i. In December. I hate the cold. This should be fun.

Remember the old Hawai'i blog back when I moved there and it was fun and I did cool stuff like skydive and backpack a treacherous coastline and fly a plane? (Probably don't know about the last two because I never wrote about them...but they happened)...well, that is a blog of the past. Just like Hawai'i is now in the past. I've been to Colorado in the summer and enjoyed it and am determined to find things to do/try in the winter. I even have approx 2 friends now. My friend (not CO friend but childhood friend who moved to HI with me) and I joked about having a "BYOF" (Bring Your Own Friend) party back when we found ourselves in a similar predicament but we never followed through (typical). I might revisit that idea and require my friends to bring a new friend for me. Double my number of friends? Yes, please. But I'll have to cap it at 4 friends total, because my car only seats 5 including me.

I obviously don't have anything interesting right now. But my newest friend and I are planning to try hiking in 50 degree weather this weekend. If we don't just end up hiking to the nearest Starbucks/trashcan fire then I'll tell you about it.

For now, some videos:

...but wait there's more! worries there's still more!

...and still one more!'s over!

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