Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Once Upon a Time I Went on a Little Hike

So the anticipation is over. I went on my first CO hike last weekend. (Well, 2nd. I can't forget going up the side of a mountain with 500 high school kids/leaders a few years ago...even though I'd kinda like to. I don't want to forget the beautiful views and the time spent with kids conquering it blah blah...but still. I digress).

One of my new friends and I (who will be appropriately referred to as "SC friend" because she is from SC) decided to go on a mild 7mi hike on Saturday called Waldo Canyon Loop. It was pretty touristy with plenty of company, but still some good exercise. You go for roughly 1.5mi then you come to the loop and a decision. Left or Right. It "loops" back onto itself so it really doesn't matter which way you go. However, I did want to point out that it actually looped because I do like when hiking trails back up their name. I looked and was unable to find "Waldo" but that should've been expected. He's that good. Or I was that bad at those books. Either way, based on a suggestion from a friend we went Right. I don't regret this decision but in retrospect his logic doesn't make sense so I kind of wish I would've just gone with my trusted coin-flip method. Anyway, it was good for the first couple miles of the loop but then we ran into some fellow hikers who had chosen to start left:

Hikers: Is it icy up ahead?

Us: Umm.. a few small patches but nothing treacherous

Hikers: OK, good. Well, good's pretty sh*tty for the next mile. Lots of ice. We were sliding a good bit. Nothing but ice...

Us: ...thanks...awesome...whoseideawasthishikeanyway?

Needless to say they were right, but we made it after only one legitimate fall each, some squat-shuffling and other adaptive hiking-on-ice maneuvers. I'm just glad that I decided to eat my banana and cheese crackers snack before the icy part or Henry would've been pissed the entire time.

I wasn't really sore the next day which is a bummer but it was still enjoyable. I'll try to remember to put up two pictures later. (don'tcountonit)

In other news, yesterday I discovered I was inadvertantly wearing the middle part. I know I recently got my hair did but maybe the highlights went straight to my head (I'll take credit for that pun) and it thought it could pull it off. I don't know what my hair was thinking, but it goes without saying that I'm no Jennifer Aniston:

Me with a wavy-hair-middle-part
So Jealous.

Well that's all for now. I just signed up for a "Learn to Curl" clinic which I'm really excited about.

Colorado Springs score: 1 (which is +2 from before...I gave it a bonus point because I could wear whatever I wanted on the hike)

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